Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Post - Why am I blogging?

I've been meaning to to write a blog for quite some time but I didn't get around to it until today. Why is today different? Why today of all days? Well, as with many chemical processes which need a catalyst to get started, my blog-writing also needed a little push to get started. I got a good "shove" today. It came in the form of my GMAT scores.

It is clear that my command of the English language can be improved and that practice makes perfect. So I decided to write my way to better writing. By posting on the internet I hope to get feedback on my writing from you - the reader - and since I know this site is open to all readers I feel more pressure to write better. That is why I am writing this blog today.

Besides improving my communication skills, with this blog I want to soak in everything the Web 2.0 has to offer and to provide some original content that appeals to the reader.

The purpose of this blog is threefold:
  • Improve my communication skills (especially my writing)
  • Take advantage of Web 2.0 (I'm doing it already. See the hyperlink?)
  • Provide original and/or useful content
With regard to my first bullet point, improvement of my communication skills, I want to ask something from you: Please critique my posts in form or content and make suggestions at your discretion. I am very open to constructive criticism and want to hear what you have to say. I will do my best to put your suggestions to use.

I will make an effort to use pictures, links and videos in an effort to keep you engaged and for me to learn how to leverage this technology.

Finally, I am committed to keeping the "copy/pasting" from other sources down to a minimum in accordance with the primary purpose of the blog. By producing original content that is of interest to you I intend to fulfill my purpose, which is to keep you engaged and encourage you to return to the blog often. If you feel that I'm not living up to my commitment, please let me know.

Here is my first official blog post. Check back soon.


UPDATE: I have already received comments and made some small changes. Keep em coming!